Thursday, April 14, 2005

How do I...

How do I remember thee…
Although there are any number of ways to remember a person, here are a few of mine. This listing is in no particular order and is certainly not comprehensive. Like the many over-pass projects currently underway in my adopted home city of Bangalore, this is a work in progress and I suspect, shall forever remain so.
Rupa, for taking me on the most terrifying road trip. Ever.
Raj, for never running out of cookies and other confectionaries
Liliana, for having a smile that defines the word “incandescent”
Diane for being the third sexiest grandmother on Earth (first two spots go to my own Grandmom and then my Mom)
Fred, for being the funkiest Shiekh on Halloween
Mike for expressing a desire to name a shade of brown after my exact skin tone
Prashant, for eating M&M’s by the fistfuls
Thamaya for being entertaining when inebriated
Jyothy, for always, but always, being up for ice-cream
Ajay, for playing the Indian national anthem on the guitar. In E minor.
Jack, for writing “you are missed” at the end of every email

Diane Standeart, for being in the circus
Antoinette, for wearing a hibiscus behind her ear
Tomas, for thinking that Brandy has a big head. And for saving my life.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brandy does have a big head, there's no need to think that. I suddenly want some dudpatee...

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