Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Murky waters???

Today I was given a message from a rather unlikely source. For those of you who are familiar with a wondrous invention called Microsoft Word, you also know that it offers you your choice of animated assistants to help you when you need it. Or even when you don’t. My chosen assistant, from a gallery of five other such creatures, is an orange cat called Links.
Links pops out and tries to help me at many junctures. Sometimes he curls up and goes to sleep. Or waves his tail, or paws at a green and rather mal-formed butterfly that is also part of the show. Most of the time he just sits there on his cute little keester. Anyway, today he pops out as usual, but this time with a thought bubble around his head. It reads, “You should never dive into murky waters.” He has also helpfully included a clickable box that says “OK”. This is presumably the only way to make it go away.
For some reason, I didn’t click OK. What kind of a world is it, I ask, when you have to take advice from an animated cat? And you have to say OK, whether you think it is OK or not?
Oh allright. I admit I didn’t have much sleep last night. Hence all this existential angst comes pouring out, directed at a computer generated feline, making no attempt at making any sense whatever.

Tomorrow will be better...mewrrr.

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