Friday, May 27, 2005

Madness is Hereditary

In March this year, Mom and Dad celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary. To those who say marriage is a great institution, this makes it plain just how long these good folks have been institutionalized. But before you get scandalized at this cavalier joke at my parents’ expense, let me state that it is directly through them that I have inherited this streak of humor.
What I didn’t inherit, in an instance of the cruelty so rampant in nature, is their good looks. My parents are both tall, graceful and relentlessly well turned out. They have oodles of charisma, are frighteningly well informed and can charm the socks off most people they have just met. They never smell bad. They each look about a decade younger than their actual age. Several of my friends, upon seeing their wedding photograph on the dining room mantle and the real-life versions, have turned to me and said, “What happened to you?”
One might get the impression, having perused this list of their charms, that they are those distant, slightly icy variety of parents who leave their kids growing up lonely and bitter about their own self-worth. (I achieved that all on my own, thank you.) Far from it. They are as capable of being warm and fuzzy as the next set of parents. Towards each other, they are mostly just fuzzy. Let me illustrate. The scene at the table is often a variant of the following. Father: Some idiot behind me wouldn’t stop honking today. Mother: Oh no! I forgot to buy cucumbers!
Father: I wanted to get out and hit him. Mother: Hm? No, I thought the vegetable boy was quite sweet, actually.
My sister and I are listening, enraptured. Their conversation continues, in an easy, enviable flow. After several minutes of this, we give in to laughter.
Father: What’s the joke? Mother: What’s the joke?
Ah! Convergence! My sister and I applaud. Now the parents just look confused, interrupted as they are during a meaningful exchange of ideas.
Oh well. I suppose that’s what happens. Eventually, they converge. (Thankfully, they disprove the theory that after a certain number of years, spouses start to resemble each other. Scary thought, that.) As with all parents, they have their quirks: Dad is fond of saying that madness is hereditary, you get it from your kids; and if I so much as boil an egg, Mom will issue an itemized list of instructions.
But at the end of the day, they’re there. We once gave them a wedding anniversary card that likened them to being the only matched pair of socks in the entire load of clothes in the washing machine.
Somehow, that is an appropriate simile.


Anamika said...

Parents you have quite a few
Just look around
You'll bump into them too!

Your parents however...
A dish and a darling
Is how I would describe them!

Loving and adoring them
Liking and respecting them
All that comes real easy
On just knowing them!

Col said...

First of all you should get one tight rap for your silly thoughts.You have such wrong ideas and notions about yourself not getting anything from your parents in the gene department, looks and brains i.e
About your parents ...they are the most adorable couple I have ever met.Lets just put it this way girl,
YOU ARE BLESSED...if you know what i mean.

Geminian said...

For the little things they have taught us...
For the moments spent with us...
For being a Mom and Dad to us...
I want to say...
they mean a world to us !

we acquire so many things from the outer world we forget our own world

Just give a thought to your own world and just c YOU ARE BLESSED WITH ALL THOSE...

Anonymous said...

Now I am truly convinced; madness is hereditary, one does get it from one's kids!!


The Desi Nole said...

Hey Hun,

Did not know that you had a blog. I see mom has left a comment, pass my regards to her. I will be honest, have not read your blog, someone just told me you had one. I will start reading it shortly. Hope things are going good there.


Ravi said...

Hi Devika. First time here from Karthik N's blog. So happy to read your posts. This one caught my attention particularly and I laughed out aloud, at the humour! Am blogrolling you, ok? :)

devikamenon said...

thanks v much for the comment. I'm happy to know you've blogrolled me..thanks! and keep reading.

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