Monday, May 23, 2005

many moons ago

A few scratchings from many, many moons ago:

The paper waits for me to speak my mind
for it can see
I have a pen in hand
it wonders what I have to reveal
and I wonder
what I have to hide…

We sailed down our stream
blissful in a paper boat
then came the ocean
we soon found
salt is not kind to paper boats
meant for blissful streams…

And in a tragic instance of self assessment:

So many evenings sat she,
In the prime of youth
Writing awful poetry…
Questions of ignorance
Searching for bliss


Col said...

There is life to live
Not only here but for eternity
So open your eyes and see
For the choice is yours and only yours whether you want to see and be set free.

Udayan said...

Why so dark....
Arnt nights dark enough ?
Well anyway, thats really beautiful.
would love to see more of such lines

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