Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blame it on NY

Did you hear about the 17-ton Popsicle that melted and flooded parts of New York City? It’s true. Drink manufacturers Snapple wanted to do something special to promote a new line of their frozen goodies. So what happened? They brought the pre-fabricated work of art to NYC from Edison, NJ. They started to position it, with the help of a construction crane. And then the thing just started melting really fast. Tellingly, it was the first day of summer.
So imagine the streets of NY flooding with sticky, slippery, strawberry-kiwi flavored pop. Firefighters came to the rescue; a few bicyclists slid to the ground after trying to wade through the melted pink mess.
Somehow, though, it seems appropriate that this should have happened in New York. The place has just the kind of crazy vibe to it that would encourage this sort of incident. Blame it on New York! But this is quite a goofy and funny story that did lighten me up in the morning.:-)


Col said...

sounds like my kinda popsicle.

Ravi said...

You may be right on that count - this can happen only in NY. But I can only imagine the hapless position of the PR or marketing agency for this debacle / bad press, if any!

Alex said...

Dont think that would have done any wonders for their brand!


Anonymous said...

Crazy news I agree. And throughly enjoyed.

And though I must concede that I myself am prone to read about Brits polling to see which celebrity they'd rather see in the buff (the royal couple; not the reingning one, the next in line) instead of say the latest breaking news on the political front; the fact remains that it is rather sad that we (mere mortals) seem to reach for the Sun than the Times far too often these days / years. In thought as in deed they say... so much for being high brow?

Point being?
Man biting the dog makes the news :-)

Death of journalism as we know it?
Apparently these fears have been raised for a century now.
And too many of us worried about the 'cerebral level' of our fellow beings.

However there are saner voinces now: allaying such fears.
And I agree.
Let the tail wag the dog.
Those who know where the dog ends and the tail begins will always know.
To others the super store mags will suffice.
To many (yours truly included) both these work at different times.

Let me my posions then. Cheers

P.S. Must add though I agree with col.
Strawberry - kiwi does sound yum! :-)
And sorry about this rather long comment.

devikamenon said...

Thanks all for the comments. Rambling or succint, that is immaterial.

Anonymous said...

Just an unrelated comment.
Looks like media guys seem to be actually growing up and dishing it out to a wo/man with a better sense of humor.

Just came across an advt for an insurance firm that speaks of 'giving you more freedom'
The storyline?
A man sitting in his car opens a note left for him by his significant other.
A woman's voice over says that she if leaving him.
The man's face goes blank then ever so slowly breaks into a sign of relief.
Then the company tag line.

And belive me this is not niche audience advt either.
Apparently comes at prime time.

'redifining freedom' I say and just loved the ad too. :-)

Rupa said...

Its probably excellent marketing for them !!! Imagine the kids - its a fairy tale for them - kinds who heard that strawberry kiwi flooded streets in New York city - every kid who's heard about this is probably wanting to eat strawberry kiwi.

I once read somewhere that in phillipines, there was an oil tanker breakdown on a road including a leakage - a marketing manager was in the traffic jam that resulted - she immediately called her advertising agency to come down with the recording gear as well as gallons of their brand of washing detergent (like Gain in US). Right there on the street, they cleaned the mess with their detergent and recorded the ad - the oil leak made it to the news as did the simultaneous airing of the ad !!! (PS- in developing countries, grease stains and food stains are the biggest battles when washing clothes) I don't know if the washing brand had sustained increase in volume, but it was a great advertising gimmick, and the lady apparently got promoted real quick !

Wonder if any "clean-up" gimmick was staged for the popsicle cleanup?

hey Anon, I have yet to see the add you mention - what insurance firm is this?

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