Friday, June 10, 2005


At the insistence of one of my dear friends (he has been prodding me rather endearingly over the past few days and must be commended for his everlasting patience) I am finally doing this. It’s called Booktagging; quite interesting, though I’m not answering in detail here.

Total books I own : Given that my books, along with a few other worldly possessions, are scattered in various parts of the USA…in all, about 60. I think.
Last book I bought : The Catcher in the Rye
Last book I read : The last book I finished reading.. Pigs Have Wings. P.G. Wodehouse, who else? Currently plodding thru LOTR. I know, I know.
Books that mean a lot to me: To Kill a Mockingbird, God of Small Things. Only two that I can think of right now.

I am supposed to booktag five people, i.e. have them do this very same exercise on their blogs. Now the thing of it is, I don’t even know five people who blog. I don’t know if this should be disturbing or it’s just plain lame. Halp! And of course I’m not going to ask complete strangers if I can booktag them. Hmm? Does the Great Booktagging Endeavor of the Modern World end here with me, the miserable cretin who doesn’t know enough people to tag???
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2015130119 said...

What is this booktagging thing? How does it work? I realize this maybe a year or more too late, but let me know if I can help? I have books :)

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