Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Bookworm Chronicles

Just came across a cool website called
It’s based on the idea of connecting with kindred spirits via books, i.e., finding and corresponding with folks who like the same books you do. You can create different booklists, based on different parameters like authors or subject of interest, for instance. So, let’s say your most fervent interest is the life cycles of aphids: you are sure to find other individuals who vibe with you on this. A neat idea, I think.
There is a soon-to-be released book that is generating some buzz in the U.S. It’s called “God Without Religion: Questioning Centuries of Accepted Truths” and is written by a gent named Sankara Saranam. The title of the book is fascinating enough, and I would like to get my hands on a copy of it as soon as it comes out. Apparently, while the sales of religion and spirituality-related books are on the rise in America, a growing number of Americans do not consider themselves affiliated with any organized religion. Hmm…
In other bookworm related news, there is a new list out, of books that will never be bestsellers. Huh? Yes, a new term has been proposed for these books: nichebusters. This includes those books that aren’t exactly going to compete with the Harry Potter series in sales volumes, but are nevertheless successful within the narrow, niche audience they have been written for.
The title that tops the list of books least likely to become summer bestsellers? “ Non Equilibrium Systems and Irreversible Processes – Adventures in Applied Topology (Vol. 3)". Ah, I can finally see a future for my now-complete treatise on “The Morphology and Classification of Mutations in the Root Systems of Teak Trees in Central India.” Yay!


Anonymous said...

Hey not fair! Even though other mathematicians may ridicule the topologists, but then remember this: the meek shall inherit the earth (or at least the coffee cup
Which topologically is probably the same)

Here is better topology joke but only for those who know about the ‘real path’ though. (Hell it took me years score to get this, as if you…)

A woman walks into a bar accompanied by a dog and a cow. The bartender
says, "Hey, no animals are allowed in here."
The woman replies, "These are very special animals."
"How so?"
"They're knot theorists."
The bartender raises his eyebrows and says, "I've met a number of
knot theorists who I thought were animals, but never an animal that
was a knot theorist."
"Well, I'll prove it to you. Ask them anything you like."
So the bartender asks the dog, "Name a knot invariant."
"Arf, arf" barks the dog.
The bartender scowls and turns to the cow asking, "Name a topological
The cow says, "Mu, mu."
At this point the bartender turns to the woman, says, "Just what are
you trying to pull" and throws them out of the bar.

Outside, the dog turns to the woman and asks, "Do you think I should
have said the Jones polynomial?"

Needs more work? Yeah it need more work! Carry on…

devikamenon said...

Topology: 'The study of the properties of geometric figures or solids that are not changed by homeomorphisms, such as stretching or bending. Donuts and picture frames are topologically equivalent, for example.'
Homeomorphism: 'A continuous bijection between two figures whose inverse is also continuous.'

Anonymous said...

Schism in the text
Green moss of tech. jargon;
slipped leg, sprain.

Rupa said...

I am going to log in to the website Devi - I am in extreme withdrawl symptoms still - after six months or so of not being getting time to sit down with a good book - I now find I have a shortage of authors too - matthew pearl is somebody I know after "The Dante Club" and actually Karan brought it in. You would love it - Longfellow, Lowell, Holmes, and their publisher Fields are in this murder mystery - murders are happenng in Boston and after a while these people realize, that they are happening based on the concept of Dante's level of Hell !
Anything you recommend?

devikamenon said...

I liked "Anil's Ghost" by Michael Ondaatje, also try Gabriel Garcia Marquez "Love in the time of Cholera."
If you like poetry...I have two words for you: Pablo Neruda. Stunning.
Also,a little known author named Terry Kay and his book "To dance with the white dog"/ very touching, have no idea why he is not more famous.

Rupa said...

Thanks Devida, this should keep me busy for a while.

LibraryThing said...

Check out It's like ConnectViaBooks, but (I think) quite a bit better.

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