Thursday, June 09, 2005

The gratitude tree

Yesterday I ate lunch at this delightful place that is a short walk from work. The weather was cloudy, almost cool. There was a somnolent mid-afternoon air about the place, which has nice touches like an open air seating area, turquoise blue chairs and those glittering mosaic tiles that give the appearance of reflecting water even when they’re not. Plentiful parking and lots of trees make it the perfect getaway for a midweek afternoon.
They serve this amazing ginger and lemon fizzy drink that reminds me of something we guzzle in large quantities back home. (Where I’m from, it is 45°C on an average summer day.) Anyway, in the middle of eating a nice chicken satay salad, I noticed this plant a few feet away. It had leaves with upturned ends, like miniature green Turkish slippers growing on a tree. It was as though someone had come along and painstakingly curled the leaves, a bit like they curl those ribbons at the florists’ when they make up a bouquet. Each leaf was a study in perfection, a deep, rich green with a soft glossy shine.
The thing was so beautiful that I quite forgot, for a while, that I was in the midst of what was a frankly lousy day. I even smiled at my unfortunate lunch companion. (Yeah, aren’t you glad you’re reading this right now and not sitting across from me at a table?) It made me think about something I had once read about finding at least one thing to be grateful for everyday. I guess you can extend this to finding something that makes you think, makes you smile, or just plain mystifies you. My beautiful Turkish slipper tree did all that. And my day was, all of a sudden, turning out a lot better than it started.

P.S.: Anyone know what this tree is called?


Anonymous said...

If you think that I would not sit with you if you were in a lousy mood or in your worst mood....then you think wrong :-)..try me!!!

Anonymous said...

Well the turkish slipper tree might be either Green Jade or Pin cushion...couldnt get a good picture but the search is on....

Your "supposedly" unfortunate lunch companion.

The Desi Nole said...

allrite you lazy cute thing, when someone leaves a comment you reply to it. And you have been booktagged, so go ahead and fill that section out.

still love you ;-)

devikamenon said...

Anonymous, thank you. Karthik, hope you read the booktag. :-)

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