Friday, June 10, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Slick

Saw the much talked about Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night. The irony of it is, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are supposed to represent the average, slightly bored married couple. Average! Did the casting director not look at these two people?
Ah, but there lies the catch. For, in a crafty plot theme, the two are anything but average. They are a pair of assassins, contract killers (or supari specialists, in Mumbai lingo) who happen to run into each other once upon a time in Colombia. Crackling chemistry ensues; Jolie sizzles in an alcohol-and-rain-drenched bar-side scene, then dances with the dazzled Pitt, and they marry. And thus, they end up being the eponymous couple.
They hide their real professions from each other, of course. Hubby is a “big time building contractor” and wifey runs a temp agency. Scenes of domesticity are thrown in to illustrate the ordinariness of their lives, which is but a fa├žade. The sequence where Mrs. Smith accesses her weapons cache behind the microwave is slickly funny, as is the one where he suspects her of poisoning his food at the dinner table.
The main story begins when their professional lives clash with the personal. Without giving anything away, suffice it to say there is a lot of gunfire. The mandatory car chases and high-tech gizmos abound. The lead pair enjoys themselves to the hilt, each trying to out-cool the other. Jolie has a slight edge throughout, both because of the script and the natural charisma she possesses in heaping quantities.
Ultimately, that is what it comes down to. Gizmos, an enjoyable fight sequence between the husband and wife (an actual, physical fight, not a ho-hum marital disagreement), and lots and lots of personal charisma. These are what hold up the movie, so to speak, supporting the plot. The plot itself is a kind of twist to the usual bored-couple-in-a-dull- marriage theme. What actually livens up their lives provides the twist in this much-awaited tale. The movie is slick, fast paced and action packed; it has heaping loads of eye candy in the form of the drool-worthy lead pair, and occasional flashes of humor. Don’t expect more, and it will be an enjoyable flick.


Geminian said...

Hey D,

Good narration... I think now you should start writing script for movies as well. :)
Yesterday I saw 'PARINEETA', based on the novel written by Sarath Chandra chatopadhyay.
Good Movie I should say, A retelling story of 'DEVDAS' with Happy Ending and melodious songs.

Jay said...

Pity I did not read your review on this flick much earlier. I remember doing two things while I watched this film...Often, I found myself looking for the remote control to skip the movie. And, I also did wonder if some people acually set out to make a bad movie.
Hey, you left out the part where they actually endanger their lives...Drinking from broken glasses!!! That did it for me :)
Will look out for your sharp eye review before I watch anymore sick, sorry slick flicks!!

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