Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Reasons to live

Here is a sample from many such lists compiled periodically in my angst-filled life. Have been doing this for many, many years now. The optimist in me peers out at such times; very, very cautious in case she gets poked in the eye by the hard-head who is moi at most times. Still, she wins out, plenty of times and these lists, albeit short, are the result.
Reasons to live:
Finding out what the word “colitas” means, in Hotel California (do you know? Nyah, nyah, nyah)
Bush jokes
Smell of jasmine (will remind me of my great-grandfather’s house, as long as I live)
Comments on my blog
Pablo Neruda poems
Lavender-scented anything


rupa said...

Devida - are you familiar with Dante's work ? I am reading a murder mystery "The Dante's Club" by matthew Pearl wich is REALLY GOOD. Dante's version of Hell in his work - Divine Comedy.

Also, take Dante's Inferno Test at :

Anonymous said...

How do you put a face to a man words? I have seen Pabalo’s photos. But the Pablo who once wrote to me comes from the movie ‘Postino’, a gem of a silly Italian movie.
The Postman asks Pablo for proof of Pablo’s love for his wife.
Pablo is making a Spanish breakfast. With lots of tomatoes thrown in. For his wife. Who is in bed. The answer is there.
Funny for a poet to be shown without his words…
But just apt for Pablo.

devikamenon said...

i got sent to level 6 of Hell. Ooh, I'm shaking now. On the other hand, think of how many of our friends I shall see there. :=)
Nope, never read Dante. Who is this Pearl that you speak of.

Col said...

According to Don Henley.."Colitas" is a desert flower.

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