Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things to do

Even for those of us who are not strangely attached to list making, like this correspondent, there are surely a number of things that one wants to do sometime in life. Kind of like setting a goal, but a lot more fun. If I were to talk about any of the items on my list, I would concentrate first on the travel section. (BTW, I am not quite so organized in real life as the image of an itemized list-making maniac would make it appear. On the one occasion I did make a shopping list, I forgot it at home and consequently, forgot to buy the bell peppers. This incident seemed to make some things crystal clear, and I have since stopped making lists that I actually have to carry.)
This, like all other lists I generate, is in no special order and is a work in progress:
See the Northern Lights
Learn to tango (and speak Spanish) in Buenos Aires
Whale spotting, anywhere
Shop in Morocco’s old markets
Visit all 50 US states
Goa; live on nothing but prawns and beer for a week
Go to Ladakh
See the Taj Mahal again
Visit Havana
Go on a real jungle safari
Visit Zanzibar
And so on and so forth…

Donors are welcome. This writer is currently stony-broke and has no qualms about accepting mysterious, anonymous, and wholly altruistic donations in large amounts. Foreign currencies, no problem. Bank details available upon request.


Rupa said...

This could very well include my list :) I have been to Ladakh so it would be visit Ladakh again

I have visited "little havana" - Devida - did you see Aprentice finale in Ft. L and miami little Havana? I need to cath up with you to be able to meet you in lvl 6 - btw, if you read some of the "bugs" in the Dante's level, a homosexual goes straight to level 7

Anonymous said...

No one travels
Along this way but I,
This rainy evening.

Ravi said...

HAHAHA! You've post makes me want to draw up a list of things to do as well. Perhaps, I might. Top of the list - get over my laziness! :)

Geminian said...

Oh ! such a infinite list... can u come again Pl. These are things to list or things to do.
Hey D ! why did u skip the other wonders of the world ?
By the way when is your first expedition...

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