Wednesday, July 06, 2005

More rantings

See, I told you I can’t help it if there are just so many things to rant about! So where should I start? Oh, I know. People who test out different ring tones on their cell phones, in public places. Already being in the minority that takes a dim view of cell phones (though I may be forced to sell out and buy one of the damned things soon, eep), I humbly submit that such people should be rapped soundly on the knuckles.
When asked how many siblings I have, I answer that I am the youngest of three sisters. This, I reckon, should be quite sufficient and comprehensive to clearly answer the question. But for some, this simply won’t do. They will ask, “No brothers?” Uh, yeah, I forgot, I DO have a brother, thanks for reminding me! Oh wait, and yes, I also happened to forget my twin brothers who live in Liberia and visit once a year. I suppose I should also tell you about the younger brother who is our official family secret, but what the hell, you deserve to know!
When it’s time to get off a bus or plane, even if you’re way in the back, your co-passengers will stand up, bag in hand, and wait for the people in front to start getting off. Depending on your mode of transport and sundry other circumstances, this can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 or 25. But, the standers will remain standing stoutly, and look at you pityingly if you should choose to keep your posterior in your seat and not twist your neck and back standing in the aisle or between seats.
And finally, The Thing that Mystifies me: There is this temple en route to work, which has the customary 3-D figures of gods and goddesses carved into the gateways and pillars. This particular temple has a pair of the most voluptuous, curvy goddesses I ever saw, larger than life and carved with loving detail. They are clad in what is, apparently, appropriate Goddess-wear. But I can assure you, if any mere mortal woman were to attempt anything close to that outfit, well…Moral of the story: Skimpy (and I mean skimpy) attire is perfectly acceptable as long as it is seen on the voluptuous (and I mean voluptuous) bodies of goddesses. However, if you are a real woman, you are fair game to be pawed and ogled at, regardless of attire. Nice!


Rupa said...

Less said is more on this topic !! Not to forget, Kamasutra is recorded in loving detail along the massive walls of sun Temple. That in itself does not have me double up in disbelief - its the rantings of the Indian society on the corrupting influences of "westernization" that does. Who are we kidding here? Look at the song picturizations in hindi movies, if that is not border soft porn, then nothing is. Songs with double entendres (double entendres, you scratch your head. I thought Rukmani Rukmani, shaadi ke baad kya kya hua is as "one meaning only" as it can be, I would like to know what other deeper thoughts it explores)are cast on adults and kids alike in "family movies"

And don't even get me started on bus and train perverts, knuckles is definitely not where they need to be rapped!!

There devida, now that I have worked off steam :), I must say that yesterday I startled everybody in my office with a couple of shrilly new cell phone tunes as I was furtively trying to select one (to replace the origional one which for some reason had messed up and I was missing calls) - embarassed, I quickly shut my phone and got back to business....and lo and behold! Today, as of now, I have heard three people's phone ringing with the same ring tone as what I selected yesterday!! drat!! I have to change ring tones at home now :)

Anonymous said...

There was a time when people would be late and I could make them feel guilty. I am obsessed with punctuality. A sad trait to inherit I must add. Today, the cell takes away that pleasure from me. People call me up two minutes before the scheduled time to say they are held up. I hate my cell!

I keep my cell on silent mode all the time but I never switch it off. One of the first things I pack is the charger. I sleep with the cell phone next to me. (Who is that I wait?) Do I love my cell?

I have not changed my ring tone for about two years now. I am rather tech savvy but have never used any thing beyond the call & sms functions. I am possessive about my cell but have absolutely no qualms about checking out the latest models.

When people ask me to upgrade, I politely refuse. Its not attachment to this particular one; just that ‘if it works fine why change it’ right? Right?

Gawd! I sure have rather unclear ideas about my cell. Do I need therapy? Retail or the couch one? Let me know LOL

Col said...

Does your rantings make me laugh.
Keep writing Devika......You are very good at it.
Any progress on your book????

Anonymous said...

I realize you have another avid fan who goes by my name.
I'm an insomniac and have been reading you for a while now. You have that rare trait combination of incisive intelligence and an aura of undeniable sweetness...
You are destined for greatness, if you let yourself...

devikamenon said...

Should I just refer to you both as Anon I and Anon II? At any rate, thank you both. That was quite a comment for your debut, Anon II!
Rups, nice tag board. Does your cell still have your old Tally number?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm…had no intention of taking your moniker Anon!
But although name is the least private part of a person, guess its time to pick up one.
Rise GGB.
In stolen flowers alone have I found my nector…

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