Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random recollection

A couple of weeks ago my roommate and I drove to Mysore, a three hour trip; the drive is pleasant barring the snarling macho truck drivers who will not tolerate a woman driving. Oh well. Anyway, en route, we stopped at a little rustic place that is famed for its snacks. The eating area adjoined the large, high-ceilinged kitchen with smoke-blackened walls and bitter, woody odors that reminded me of my grand-uncle's lakeside estate in Kerala. The staff was traditionally attired and served you with that characteristic briskness that is to be found in all small eating establishments in this country.
They either slap down menus or rattle them off in a single breath. The staff here chose the former mode of operation and as soon as you told them what you wanted, hared off without so much as an acknowledgement. So it happened that I was presented with a plate of idlis that delighted me because they were served not in the regular style but rolled up in a leaf; very Japanese in design and execution, and exceptionally tasty. This is how it’s served in rural parts. So in the midst of all this rustic splendor, sitting in the pleasant, red-walled eating area and looking out at the lush gardens, we hear the strains of some music playing. At the first chord, I thought I was imagining things when it sounded like Creed. But really, that’s what it was: Creed, in the middle of rural Karnataka! I can bet you anything this would gratify Scott Stapp more than anything. Creed! I ask you, is this not a strange and wonderful example of that thing they call globalization? (A term I never liked but this time I sort of did). This was right up there with my father actually appreciating my playing Pearl Jam. The strangest things do happen.


Rupa said...

Umm Devida! Very reminiscent ....and very romantic.

I bet you were probably being served "snakes" and "child bear" as it is - India is turning "ethnic" rather than being "rustic"

Anon - where have you disappeared? I have a new feature on my blog - do check out. Dev, you too !

Anonymous said...

D, please talk more about this: ethnic vs. rustic. Am sure we all have numerous incidents to recall where this has come to fore with hilarious consequences.
Have you seen Paul Fernandes’ posters on the signs & graffiti? Apt street culture for a country going through a funny phase!
And so much for translation faux pas too: Guess what Arnolds ‘Jingle all the way’ came in as?

R, am around. Just too much of the grind LOL

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