Thursday, July 07, 2005


After perusing this piece just after writing it, the author has realized that it is quite unapologetically meandering and a tad pointless. Still, on certain cloudy days and after consumption of several cappuccinos, such rambling threads of thought take shape, and then sit down stoutly in the form of blog entries. There it is. Forewarned?

As a somewhat avid music listener, I’ve often wondered why I don’t write music reviews. Maybe because I inherently admire all people who can create music, never mind if the end product receives no critical acclaim or is even frankly bad. Especially admired are those who write and sing their own material. Like cartoonists, these individuals, to my mind, are among those who are at the pinnacle of creativity.
Hence I desist from actually proffering my worthy opinions on their music. I just listen to it instead. But I do often think about how songs and music influence us and our moods and memories. The sound of a voice can very often remind you of a person or time in your life, with all the attached pleasant or unpleasant memories, can it not?
Sometimes I undertake a rather interesting exercise of trying to describe a voice as though it were actually a tangible thing. For instance, Norah Jones’ voice would be like blue smoke curling up in a dim, warm café on a moonlit night. Sade’s voice reminds me of soft, glistening pearls and deep oceans. If mermaids could sing, they’d probably sound like Sade.
Barry White- tobacco and rich, burnished wood. Leigh Nash (she sings for a marvelous band called Sixpence None the Richer) like a clear, feathery moonbeam…I could go and on, I suppose. May be this is why I like the blurb you find on perfume merchandise…they make it sound like the fragrance is actually something tangible, or representative of a mood or personality. Associations between two apparently unconnected things fascinate me.


Anonymous said...

I was forewarned, but i still went ahead and read it since it seemed quite familiar. By the way I no longer wake up to Denver but to Linking Park...

Col said...

Música... sim isto seguro erga nosso espírito para cima e às vezes derrube também.
De fato hipocrisia de i faz sem escutar ou se cantar, i não é muito de um cantor.Eu pense todo o tempo que eu sou i acordado está escutando música.
Eu seguro concorde com sua opinião sobre os artistas de música e compositores seu melhor desfrutar isto.

devikamenon said...

Thank you, anonymous. Your music tastes must be improving.
Col: SHOW OFF!!! :-)

Col said...
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Col said...

BTW I hope you understood what i wrote...if not I will be kind enough to put it in English for you:-)
One of my favourites now is Third Day.
Amazing Lyrics and great voice too.

Anonymous said...

Even before they taught me to unlearn, I still had the ability to tag places. I freely admit that I do not have a good sense of direction, a big disability in my line of unemployment. But then no regrets…
To me, places become stills with the mundane playing the lead.
The north ramparts of ‘S’ fort where I spent a whole evening are pictured with the buffalos lazing in the erstwhile moat turned into swamp.
The sands of ‘M’ beach where I welcomed the millennium are forever tainted with the impossibly dark shade of the upturned canoes and not the towering windmills.

So I understand when you speak of Nina Simone’s husky voice. I may not associate the same way with Muzik but yeah I been on that cobbled path…


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