Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fake Rock God and good Engrish

For those of you who, like yours truly, listen ceaselessly to Yahoo! Music, (no, the headphones aren't surgically attached, thanks) perhaps you can help me out with this: the new Vonage commercial. The voice over, a British bloke, says something that sounds like this: "This is a totally fake rock God Aiden slump, and I'm here to save you a wad of cabbage with Vonage, the broadband phone company. "
Then he helpfully spells out the name: V-o-n-a-g-e.
Eh? What about the rest of it? Forgive my density
Check out for some huge laughs. One I found particularly amusing was the packaging on beer flavored chocolates (a charming concept in itself, and another fine example of the Japanese flair for innvoation, much like this post is an example of my fondness for the inane)..."the delicate scent of beer will charm you.."Also, 'Engrish of the day' for today, Aug 10th. Hilarious, excuse me, hirarious!


twogoolies said...

Beats me how the Chinese are doing so well despite all the 'Chick Points' we Indians have set up! Check out and maybe you'll catch the rest of the Vonage Ad.

Alan J Hogan said...

I'm also baffled by the Vonage commercial! If anyone here figures out who the English (or Aussie??) guy is or exactly what he's saying, please zing an email to: leggo mah eggo [at] pixels and pages [dot] com!

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