Monday, August 22, 2005

A long day

Anyone in their right minds would agree that traffic in Bangalore is horrendous. You have to possess nerves of steel, an iron will, and the patience of an angel. On occasion you have to be telepathic, telekinetic, and a contortionist.
Many times, the traffic policeman is the one I feel for. Imagine making your living in physical surroundings like that. Just this morning I saw a cop who was at a very, very busy intersection at rush hour. He waved our section of traffic to come to a stop. An auto (aargh) ignored him and carried on regardless. The cop couldn’t do anything. He attempted to stop this breaker of rules, but failed. Then he just went back to his other traffic.
I noticed that his shoes were scuffed, unbalanced. Now maybe he was, personally, just a sloppy man. But maybe not. Maybe they simply aren’t well stocked with supplies at any given time. Don’t we hear how the police force in this country is short changed when it comes to working hours and conditions, benefits and supplies?
Theories of economics may be used to explain, in light of these shortages, the propensity of our cops for corruption. For brutality, slacking off and discourteousness. But what about those cops who do really put in an honest day’s work? Is the much-accursed police force not surviving because of them?


geminian said...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: It wanted to get to the other side.
Q: Why did the chicken cross back?
A: I don't know why, but I know for sure it was not in Bangalore!
Q: But.... How do you know that?
A: Well, if the chick tried it in Bangalore, it would be a dead chick! :):)

Anonymous said...

Twenty: Months in Bangalore.
Fifty-seven: Times successfully escaped from checkpoints.
Three: Times bribes paid to the traffic cops.
Two: Times given lift to a traffic cop.
One: Time suppressed urge to drive over a traffic cop.
Two hundred and six: Times successfully evaded attempts being driven over.
Four: Number of lives still available (I hope).


rashawn61mireya said...

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devikamenon said...

There isn't a spot for me to leave comments on your blog, juicyfruiter. Thanks for stopping by here, though!

Sreedhar said...

A very good point. The city is bursting at its seams with roads carrying ten times the traffic they were meant to handle. I often see the traffic policeman as the helpless underdog. Underpaid, under equipped, outsmarted and abused. Maybe, giving a few more minutes at the busy junctions for these guys to do their job well is not too much to ask.

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