Thursday, August 11, 2005


Weird things that have been said to me, over the years. This is sort of like a random recollection of some gems. There have been others, trust me. But, wishing to maintain a level of credibilty in the blogging world and among those precious few who actually read my stuff, I shall desist. Note that the Other Party is not one person, but an assortment.

The Other Party:"You remind me of Melvin from "As Good as it Gets."
Me: EH?
TOP: You never let anyone into your world.

Me: What's my best physical asset?
TOP: Your brain.

TOP: I feel like I'm dealing with a two year-old!
Me: Five! You said five year-old before!

TOP: You're never fully here.
(Stoic silence. How do I prove I'm fully here? Whatever that means?)

TOP: Did you ever have a twin?
Me: Eh?
TOP: I think I would have liked her better.
Me: Oh.


Anonymous said...

As a fellow INTJ, have gotten a few of those meself.
Did you know female INTJ are the rarest section of the population?

Jyothy said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what is INTJ?

devikamenon said...

Jo...Search for Myers Briggs on google, it is a personlity testing tool. Great fun, read up on it.
My type came out as INTJ. Read the description and tell me if u agree and tell me ur type too. :-)

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