Friday, September 02, 2005


What can you say about mothers? All I know is that mine is exceptional, so I can talk about her.

I guess I would love to write her a sort of thank-you note that tries to encompass all that she is and what we feel for her. Yes, I know, I have more hope of achieving a treatise on sub-atomic particles than writing something that would really cover all that Mom is.

Still, since she is an angel in human form, I shall try.

Thank you for making four different types of eggs each morning for breakfast. For introducing us to the tooth fairy; for making the best mayonnaise on earth and letting us lick the spoons every time you made it.

For being the sounding board for all our ideas, however outrageous. For giving the words “Stop It” an air of insurmountable authority. For trying to get away by cooking khichdi every time Dad was away, and then sheepishly surrendering to our warnings against cooking khichdi.

Thank you for being so beautiful that when told that we can never be a patch on you, ever, all we can do is beam. For thinking that “damn” is a horrible curse word and instilling in us a horror of swearing. For having the softest hands in the world and for smacking us that one time with the net side of a badminton racket so it wouldn’t hurt.

Happy birthday, Mom!
(This sappy outpouring is a tribute to my mother’s gentleness. I usually express my affection by clamoring to sit on her lap, dishing out violent bear hugs, and/or biting her.


geminian said...

Indeed, mother is the most wonderful thing a child could ever possibly have. I guess your mom, would proud to have such a wonderful daughther as you. Reading your post makes me appreciate my mother. I thank God everyday for her health. So thank you! and Happy Birthday to your mom :)

Col said...

I would agree on many things that I have experienced with her.
Well nothing can be more truer that the patch comment;-).I couldnt call her though comms were down,will today.
D one more thing.Can you change your setting on your comment box to make it pop up when you click on it.You can do it from settings.
Its a little irritating when the main post closes and you have to keep going back.
This is just a humble request from me to,The lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

"For having the softest hands in the world"
Lovely line. In fact, your mother sounds lovely.

Anamika said...


I guess that is one of the best birthday presents Aunty could have got!

Here's wishing her many more years of putting up with the likes of us!

Col said...

Thank you :-)

Shishir said...

Missed ur posts since god knows when:( Keep it up and belated Happy B'day to Aunty.


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