Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We are not allowing all this!

Read a news snippet about an Israeli couple who were jailed somewhere in Rajasthan for kissing in public. Apparently, the two were being married according to Hindu rites and indulged in some canoodling whilst the ceremony was on.

Now, their actions might have been inappropriate. But was arresting them really necessary? What bothers me is how pro-active Indians can be if we really want to be. Bad roads, garbage, spitting, men molesting women (quaintly referred to as “eve teasing”), corruption and lies are all fine. But let someone hurt our “religious sentiments” and we start breathing fire and brimstone.

Eh? As far as my knowledge goes, ancient India was a very advanced culture with major accomplishments in every field from architecture to astronomy. I do not think that in those times, our ancestors went about spitting on the streets, grabbing random women, letting filth accumulate in public places and such like. Then what happened? When did we slide down from that to this? Does it not hurt our “Indian values and culture” when we indulge in all of this? Apparently not. But let the lips of a pair of foreign tourists meet, and then watch out!

Whoever said, “India is not a developing country. India is an advanced country in an advanced state of decay” got it dead right. OK, so maybe we’re not in a state of decay but can we please stop being so ridiculous?


devikamenon said...

Dear commentators,
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Rupa said...

grumble grumble .... squinting at convoluted alphabets for word verification and typing, I almost forget what I was going to write......hmmm.....grumble grmble

Oh Kissing !!! Yes, I am very mad too - is it true? Not to expose my naivetee about other cultures, isn't Israel a muslim country where public display of affection is also frowned on? Why in the world did they choose India to kiss in? They should know its sucidal. Its like Princess D. trying to enter a mosque in a skirt ( I am not making this up)

As fer our dear county, its a known fact that Indians are habitual slobs, thriving in filth but self concious about affection - just exceptionally emotional about traditional and political issues !

Anonymous said...

Israel is not a Muslim country it is predominantly Jewish and Christian.

Rupa said...

Jewish 76.8%, Muslim 15.7% (mostly Sunni), Christian 2.1%, Druze 1.6%, other 3.7% (end of 2002)."

Okay, so I had to do a google :) I had images of women clad in head scarves and flowing neck to toe dresses, so jumped on to "moderately conservative" and then (I admit, I am biased) to muslim. I may be off the mark again completely, but I think the Israeli Jews are also circumspect vis a vis public displays of passion.

Point is, why in the world choose India to kiss in - when in Rome..... :)

Not that I am saying that people shouldn't start this trend of coming out of the shadows and parks to kiss in open view in temples, but the process of getting flak over it would only taper over time.

Jail is stretching it a bit though see, I am a fence sitter on this topic :)

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