Sunday, October 02, 2005

Calling for Opinions Other than my Own

Two issues that we might discuss and exchange views on, as usual, of no particular importance. But then, when have I ever leaned towards discussing important issues?
"Bombay Rockers" have recently had a lot of success on the Indian pop music scene with their very popular 'Rock the Party' number. I have heard a song by AB Quintanilla and the Cumbia Kings by the name of 'Fuego' which sounds amazingly similar. Is this just a coincidence? Does anyone else out there listen to obscure Latino music and know this song? If so, please enlighten me. Maybe I am falsely accusing the worthy Bombay Rockers of something they didn't do. I also seem to have heard a song very similar to Raghav's 'Angel Eyes' though can't recall by whom.
Salaam Namaste has one of the ickiest endings seen in Hindi films in a while, this despite Shah Rukh's execrable dying scene in Kal Ho Na Ho. I mean, what were they thinking, subjecting us to an ending like that? The rest of the film certainly doesn't prepare you for it. Another downer is Zinta's character, Ambar, being referred to as "Amby." For some reason, this just sounds unbearably cutesy and juvenile.


Geminian said...

D, don't u think movie title "Salam Namaste" itself seems irrelevant and doesn't make much sense. It seems that now it has become really difficult to get god names like web domain names and about the climax its really pathetic.

twogoolies said...

Whoa! Hang on people, whats wrong with the ending and the title 'Salaam Namaste'? Atleast they didn't name it 'Nau Mahine'! Everyone enjoyed Hugh, Robin and Nine Months way back in 1995 didn't we? So why rip Saif, Abhishek and Salaam Namaste in the 2005 'adaptation'? Extremely icky and juvenile - what say Chris Columbus?!

devikamenon said...

Yeah Nine Months was horrible too. ICKY, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We deserve what we get.
And by talking about trash we celebrate it.
Notice the lack of media coverage on 'Mein meri Patni aur woh'.
A good attempt; please watch it.
Then we'll talk about it maybe?


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