Sunday, November 13, 2005

Blank Current

Random hoots from here and there:
Listening to a risque number on the radio, the lyrics of which go "don't be shy girl, shake your body like a belly dancer..." Within a heartbeat of the song stopping, a Sanskrit shloka, "Vakratunda Mahakaya..."

Seen in the office cafetaria, an ice cream menu. One of the flavors: "Blank Current."

In the show Scrubs, one of the characters, Dr. Dorian, being referred to by the senior physician as "Bambi". Cracks me up every time.

On the way to work, a sign above a small open-air garage: "Puncher and Wheel Duruwing." The puncher part, I get. But what on earth is Duruwing?

Sign above a bakery: "Fresh Bread." Immediately below: "Gold-Plating services available." This is a sure sign of Malyalee ownership. Bread and gold are equally revered; hence this sign for gold-plating on the bay-kyeree.

1 comment:

Col said...

Duruwing...well it actually called wheel Throughing which isnt the right word.You allign the wheel with the rim.Bole to wheel through karne ka kya.....samjha??
Aur kuch???

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