Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who, me?

Real conversation on a busy road, after X has taken the jasmine string off her hair and flung it on the grass verge. X and Y are both waiting for a bus.

Y: Er, why did you fling your flowers on the grass like that?
X: What’s it to you? It’s only flowers.
Y: Yes. But if I know anything, it’s that you would have thrown garbage too, just like you threw the flowers.
X: So? How does it matter?
Y: Doesn’t filth bother you? Especially when you are the one creating it?
X: No.
Here, X spits theatrically. (Y wants to throttle her and do some other things to her, but alas, bound by the rules that will send her to prison if she does those things, refrains. She instead has to turn her attention to the approaching bus, which will make off without her if she doesn’t look sharp and board the thing, along with the 3,123 other prospective passengers.)
India Shining?

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geminian said...

As far back as 400 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato shared with his friends his thoughts on the ideal Republic. He was convinced that society could be saved only by the union of philosophy and politics. He was convinced that, "The human race would never see the end of trouble until true lovers of wisdom should come to hold political power, or the holders of political power should, by some divine appointment, become true lovers of wisdom." It is surprising...almost note how much relevance it has even today. I suppose some things never change. Or do they?

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