Friday, February 17, 2006

Have you been irritaped?

Caught an advertisement on TV yesterday: a man is playing with a baby, who is chortling in high glee. Suddenly the Dad decides to take a picture of the baby with his mobile phone-camera. Instantly, the kid’s expression changes. He gets this stern look in his eye and, seizing the offending gadget, chucks it on the floor. Father is appropriately sheepish at having been thus chastised by the no-nonsense infant who has been playing so peaceably until now.
The message at the end of this clip? Do not take pictures on your phone without permission.
At last! Someone has thought of spreading this very relevant message. I congratulate Hutch for coming out with this gem. Their ads are all world-class, but this latest series is worthy of praise not only for the excellent execution but the very message itself.


George said...

The Quails must be having a time of their life; with shooters like Dick they must be feeling much safer.

George said...

Oops wrong post

Anonymous said...

Is this Devika Mennon? The real Devika Menon from F.S.U.'s International Center !? I can't believe it, but am so very happy. I'll write something more substantive soon.


Vinesh said...

Oh Sheet! Takes away the fun of buying a camera phone in the first place!

P.S: Jus keeding :-B

devikamenon said...

Thanks for all comments, regardless of right post or wrong post! :-)
And Diane, this is indeed the Real Thing. I am indeed the GG hostess of yore who lit up your TV screen every Friday. Har har. Welcome and hope to see more of you here.

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