Monday, March 20, 2006


This here piece is what is called an egopost. It contains nothing of any interest to anyone else except myself. Har har. I reached the following astonishing conclusions over the course of a very lovely and chilled weekend.

After sitting through the pointless Cold Mountain and the plodding and acutely irritating Brokeback Mountain, I have resolved never to watch another movie with the word Mountain in its title.
Jacaranda is my current favorite flower. In many places in Bangalore, a jacaranda tree is what redeems this city from its infernal roads.
I want to see what it’s like to spend all my money on things that I want but don’t need, and end up with no money at the end of the month. This should be easy.
Heard the song “What’s love got to do with it” (this one sung by someone called Fat Joe). It brought back memories of Florida like nothing else.


Friend said...

Would an 'ego post' be akin to posts that cats and raccoons use to sharpen their claws? Quite interesting about the jacaranda; something I've never much noticed before, but in recent times has proved to be quite captivating - especially when experienced with.

devikamenon said...

Well. If this post were something I used to sharpen my claws with, can you imagine the consequences? Har har, not to worry.
Incidentally Pretoria (S. Africa) is known as the city with the prettiest and most profuse jacaranda, and so is Brisbane, Australia.
Interesting how flowers are associated with cities. Cherry blossoms and Washington DC for instance.

Geminian said...

Slum roof
showered in purple petals --
jacaranda spreading above.

Jacaranda road,
trees light and green -- and always
one out of season.

Autumn loneliness –
jacaranda blossom time
fnds me in my dreams...

the sky
interlaced in deeper blue -

block after block
a blue canopy of Jacaranda
leads the way

jacaranda tree; revealed by its scent; white moths hover; we wake before the alarm; between the rocks

~Not mine, borrowed from inet

Anonymous said...

Jacaranda !
Bangalore is lucky to have so many of them.
They are in full bloom now and just started the shedding.
And right now you can stand below every one of them and let the flowers fall on you.
I anticipate that in ten days or so the full blooms would be all gone.
My fav. ones are:
01. near the HT pylon Jeevan bheema nagar road.
02. near the second gate Sankey tank bund.
03. on Palace road near Atria Hotel.
04. In Cubbon park left side, entry from KR circle.

Thank you Bangalore. Will miss you so much...
His last days in this garden city

devikamenon said...

Hey GGB!
Where are you off to? You mean you can actually bring yourself to leave Bangalore?
Anyhow, where ever you go, good luck. Hope to still see you here.

Anonymous said...

Hyd is so bloody hot and not a tree in sight. The campus is green but at what amazing cost. Sad...
I see no new post in last month or so.
do write, we are still reading.

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped blogging per say or on this particular blog?
You must write little more often.
Ever since you joined IBM your output has come down substantially:-)

Geminian said...

Wish you and your blog a Happy Anniversary and congratulations. Wish you many many more. Love your blog. To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company. From "The Ride Home" till "Egopost" it's really been a wonderful journey enjoying with you and more importantly I’m inspired by your insights. Looking forward to see many more...


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog

Mithun said...

...I miss B'lore.n the trees too.Would not have cared for the name Jacaranda though..wud hve dismissed it early,either as a Mallu mispronunciation or a bourgeois way of saying the-tree-with-violet-flowers...

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