Friday, March 03, 2006

Er, could you get this picture off my head, please?

So the Bush-man is in India and we are all suitably a-twitter, at least in the media. But aside from the buddy vibe that he and our Mr. Prime Minister seem to have suddenly discovered, the big nu-killer (Bush’s pronunciation, not mine) deal that is supposedly afoot, the impact on geo-politics in the South Asia region, the ramifications of our stance on Iran and future trade with the U.S. that this visit will surely bring about, I have one important point that I am quite concerned about, and it is this.
There are the customary protestors in India who are extremely not happy with Dubya’s visit. Maybe they are just mad that they never had a red-carpet welcome or a Presidential banquet hosted in their honor. Whatever the case may be, they have chosen to show their displeasure by parading a donkey on the street with a picture of George W. plastered on its forehead.
I must strenuously object to this. Aside from the fact that it reflects very badly on our heritage of warm hospitality, I happen to think donkeys don’t deserve this sort of treatment. No, really. I like donkeys and think they are rather cute and severely misunderstood. Moreover, if the donkey had a choice of which human political bigwig’s picture it would like on its forehead, do you think it would have chosen this particular one?
Exactly. So please, let’s just take a step back here and keep donkeys out of the whole equation. I think this is a reasonable request. I hope that the powers that be who decide the poster-on-a-donkey component of any major diplomatic visit will take heed and see that no donkeys are harassed the next time a certain (or uncertain) foreign dignitary decides to visit.

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Vinesh said...

even as little kids, abuses fly about: "monkey, donkey, pig, naaye"

wonder why no one says, "cow, panda, kangaroo"?

sadly, stereotypes exist for animals (too)!!

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