Thursday, March 09, 2006

Napping on a busy day

The other day, friend and I were passing the evening by stuffing face at a quick eats place. Friend had decided that it was in the interest of humanity in general to see that my face was stuffed, quickly, as I had just announced that I was very hungry.
Anyway, so there we were, standing beside a row of parked bikes and chewing on some hearty meat rolls. There was one empty space next to me, however, occupied by a sleeping dog who was curled up to look like a furry brown comma.
A man on a bike came up, and nearly parked in this space. Then he saw the dog and backed away, making as little noise as possible.
Friend and I remarked on the niceness of this man. A short while later, another man on a bike. But this time, the dog wasn’t so lucky. This man honked and made sure our sweet, groggy, brown comma of a dog woke up and walked away, tottering off trying to look for another napping place.
I said, “welcome to reality” as the dog departed. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

it's a dogs world..

Vinesh said...

These dogs are a menace!
Are cute brown things until you get bitten.

Call the Blue Cross!

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