Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Heat and Dust

Grousing about the ‘city’ has become somewhat of a favorite pastime of late. Bangalore has become a whipping boy of sorts, on many occasions. I feel a little shame faced right now though.Let me elaborate.
It is quite simply because of the kind of weather we have started having recently. I only need to speak to my folks in Maharashtra who are roasting in 40C heat, while I sleep without a fan and go around in a light jacket even at noon. My Dad grumpily informs me of the temperature and humidity levels in their neck of the woods every time I speak to him and I feel a slight twinge at having maligned Bangalore thus in the past.
Peace. All is well with the world. Bangalore is not really the hell on earth I may have made it out to be thus far.
*hangs head.

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Simple Life

I just love it when things are so quiet that when I put my spoon down on my plate, it seems like a crash. At least, this is how it has become after a year of living in a maddening city which has more traffic and noise than should be legal. Also, not having had a vacation for many, many, many moons might have something to with it.
Anyhow, so it happened that I could get away from it all over the weekend. I can imagine few things better than just sitting on a chair in a glass balcony, looking out at coffee plantations and watching the clouds shift shape over the mountains, with nothing on my mind except what awaits me for lunch. Or not wearing a watch and the cell phone with its mouth shut.
The rain is coming in a baby-fine spray, driven almost horizontally by the wind. Later in the evening, we sit around the table drinking home brewed banana wine and eating fresh fish. The morning is misty and fresh; taking a walk around the plantation reveals delights like quaint staircases and miniature lily ponds, fruits that I don’t know the names of, and a far off church in the mist revealed only by a simple cross.
Our hosts are simple folks. Besides coffee, they also grow vanilla and arum lilies. They brew wine and spend evenings on the swing listening to the radio in the porch. They know the birds that visit each morning. When we left, they gave us warm hugs and a bag of fragrant cardamom.
I want to be just like them when I grow up.

Then and Now

When we were kids, condensed milk came in small round tins built like little tanks. We would open them with the can opener that Dad had fixed on to the wall and carefully peel back the last bit of the lid so it didn’t cut our fingers. Then we would deliver the opened can to Mom in the kitchen where she would turn out something incredible with it. We would hang around her, mewing like hungry alley cats scenting fish, until she turned over the empty can to us. Then we would very carefully scrape, spoon, lick and wipe clean every little scrap of the condensed milk that was to be had.
Now it also comes in these squeeze tube thingies, which unfortunately have none of the drama and appeal of the little circular war tanks. Neither do I care about licking off the last of it because I no longer live near Mom.

Friday, May 26, 2006

More Coffee, Madam?

There is something to be said for starting your day with a good breakfast.
Especially when it consists of things like peach tarts, fresh orange juice,
perfect scrambled eggs and, not to forget, the perfect cup of coffee.

There is just something about fresh brewed coffee in a white cup that gets
me every time- that rich brown color and the aroma that wakes me up in the best possible way.An example of perfect composition and texture. Then the cream, swirled in a sinuous curve, to complete the picture. Now for those who have witnessed me early morning, i.e., pre-coffee, this is definitely a good thing. The world is a dangerous enough place as it is, in my opinion, without letting me run around loose before the right amounts of coffee have been ingested.

So that first cup is definitely a thing of joy, yes. After the first few
sips, the world seems a more hospitable place. The fangs retract and the
brain clears, somewhat. The birds even start twittering, ceasing their
previous shrieking. If there is sunlight, it starts looking golden instead
of like an interrogation lamp.
And so I admire the power this piece of white china with its contents has on me. I sit back in the chair and look benevolently around. Now all I need is that second cup and things will be even better…

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sadly, this I can identify with.

Taken from Beau Peep's Web site.

Enjoying your fizzy drink?

All right then, it’s time for another rant. This time it is about the current crop of aerated drinks ad films we’re being subjected to on TV. What’s with Pepsi? After getting two starlets to strew rose petals out of a hairdryer and informing us that drinking caffeine-flavored cola was ‘kinky’, we now have them strutting as some variety of TV technicians who only visit the houses of intellectually challenged men.
Then there is another former Miss World stumping for Coke. She deals with guys who whistle at her by blowing into empty Coke bottles, then winking at us and saying “thande ka tadka.” The guys are, we suppose, chastised by this thoroughly appropriate dressing down. To top it all, her voice is dubbed in this idiotic film to sound like she is suffering from acute abdominal pain.
When compared to these doozies, 7-Up seems almost better. Ms. Sherawat, looking inexplicably chunky, asks Fido to grant her a curvier shape. She too, seems to be suffering from abdominal cramps as she accompanies certain words with an uncomfortable spasm of her torso. She then gets turned into a dark green bottle full of fizzy beverage.
I mean, give us a break! Even after thus ranting, I find that there is no sense of relief in my fevered brain. But the next time one of these things comes on air, I hope it will be less irritating, even if only slightly.

rainy day

rainy day--
she chooses the yellow coffee cup
over the mauve
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