Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Enjoying your fizzy drink?

All right then, it’s time for another rant. This time it is about the current crop of aerated drinks ad films we’re being subjected to on TV. What’s with Pepsi? After getting two starlets to strew rose petals out of a hairdryer and informing us that drinking caffeine-flavored cola was ‘kinky’, we now have them strutting as some variety of TV technicians who only visit the houses of intellectually challenged men.
Then there is another former Miss World stumping for Coke. She deals with guys who whistle at her by blowing into empty Coke bottles, then winking at us and saying “thande ka tadka.” The guys are, we suppose, chastised by this thoroughly appropriate dressing down. To top it all, her voice is dubbed in this idiotic film to sound like she is suffering from acute abdominal pain.
When compared to these doozies, 7-Up seems almost better. Ms. Sherawat, looking inexplicably chunky, asks Fido to grant her a curvier shape. She too, seems to be suffering from abdominal cramps as she accompanies certain words with an uncomfortable spasm of her torso. She then gets turned into a dark green bottle full of fizzy beverage.
I mean, give us a break! Even after thus ranting, I find that there is no sense of relief in my fevered brain. But the next time one of these things comes on air, I hope it will be less irritating, even if only slightly.


Anonymous said...

You are Back!

Col said...


devikamenon said...

Thank you both.
It is gratifying to read all your comments.
I hope that I have it in me to bring out the book soon.
Meanwhile, keep reading and thank you again.

Col said...

While you hope that you have it in you,I know for sure with absolute certainty that you do have it in you.
So stop making those excuses and get on with your book;-)
BTW- Mention not.

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