Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Heat and Dust

Grousing about the ‘city’ has become somewhat of a favorite pastime of late. Bangalore has become a whipping boy of sorts, on many occasions. I feel a little shame faced right now though.Let me elaborate.
It is quite simply because of the kind of weather we have started having recently. I only need to speak to my folks in Maharashtra who are roasting in 40C heat, while I sleep without a fan and go around in a light jacket even at noon. My Dad grumpily informs me of the temperature and humidity levels in their neck of the woods every time I speak to him and I feel a slight twinge at having maligned Bangalore thus in the past.
Peace. All is well with the world. Bangalore is not really the hell on earth I may have made it out to be thus far.
*hangs head.

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