Friday, May 26, 2006

More Coffee, Madam?

There is something to be said for starting your day with a good breakfast.
Especially when it consists of things like peach tarts, fresh orange juice,
perfect scrambled eggs and, not to forget, the perfect cup of coffee.

There is just something about fresh brewed coffee in a white cup that gets
me every time- that rich brown color and the aroma that wakes me up in the best possible way.An example of perfect composition and texture. Then the cream, swirled in a sinuous curve, to complete the picture. Now for those who have witnessed me early morning, i.e., pre-coffee, this is definitely a good thing. The world is a dangerous enough place as it is, in my opinion, without letting me run around loose before the right amounts of coffee have been ingested.

So that first cup is definitely a thing of joy, yes. After the first few
sips, the world seems a more hospitable place. The fangs retract and the
brain clears, somewhat. The birds even start twittering, ceasing their
previous shrieking. If there is sunlight, it starts looking golden instead
of like an interrogation lamp.
And so I admire the power this piece of white china with its contents has on me. I sit back in the chair and look benevolently around. Now all I need is that second cup and things will be even better…


Col said...

Coffee any one?
Yes a cup of coffee definitely helps but I wouldnt comment on the things before the first cup.
Enjoy your coffee anyway.
By the way do you have any Brazilian coffee over there by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Till some time ago I lived in M, Bangalore.
Sure the Tams are holding on;
But just barely so…
Yet in early hours it’s almost the old world.
Rangoli at the door steps, Tyagaraja songs.
And the coffee grinding shops.
The whole street fragrant with the heady aroma
And ten year olds buying 200 grams of dark poison.
Fresh ground coffee for your morning cuppa;
The only way to appreciate it…
You didn’t even need to drink it,
It was already there inside you… beckoning;

Now, the campus has a spread in the mornings,
And Sarovar for all its faults does try hard (?)
But there is no brewed coffee,
No filter, no steel cups and no smell of dhupam…

This neo-convert misses his fix so…
(with withdrwal symptoms)

Anonymous said...

Know what..
just grab all ur posts.. mix them, brew them .. trim them and and bind them. Get a book out of them...
That would be one hellua head start..!
Now that we r already convinced abt ur abilities.. this is just to convince YOU that you have it in you!

- aaa.

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