Monday, June 12, 2006


What’s with telemarketers these days? If you’re going to make unsolicited calls to someone, at least make sure you sit yourself in a place that doesn’t, to your harassed callee, sound like a fish-market. But, no. The last dozen calls I’ve gotten, the marketing executive seems to be sitting in the midst of a rather lively auction at a fish market. This morning, I had the following conversation:
Am I speaking to Ms. Devika Menon? I am from Some Bank, Chennai.
Yes, you are.
Am I speaking to Ms. Devika Menon?
Yes, you are. What’s this about?
Hjds hfusuifw relationship jkdsl fn uis?
What’s that?
I said, could you repeat that?
(Deep breath) I can’t hear you.

Another time, this woman calls me and says, “I’m calling from ABC. You have a mobile phone connection with XYZ, right?”
“Yes,” I answer politely.
“Why can’t you change to ABC?”
And that’s your spiel? I am sorry, I really am. But I cannot condone this sort of lack of charm. If I am to be harassed every day of my life because you want to sell me another miserable phone connection, please, oh please, at least try to keep a check on how annoying you let yourself get.


Zimmerman said...

Haha! Ok, you can fill the membership form and join our club next week..

Zimmerman said...

you've given me an idea to blog about my experiences ... LoL

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