Monday, August 21, 2006

Are you there, God?

So there seem to be miracles happening all over the country. First we had sea-water turning sweet. Now we have idols drinking milk again.
People rushed to drink the miracle-water as quickly as they could; they stood in it and scooped up great handfuls of it. Sweet or salt, that water did not look particularly clean to me and it probably wasn’t. The few visuals I did see on TV proved that there was plenty of filth in the surrounding areas. But faith will make you walk into murky water, stand in it, and drink it, I suppose.
And about our idols drinking milk- how does this start? Some devout sort in a temple starts spooning milk into the mouth of a deity, and then whoops in delight when the deity obligingly sips his offering? It seems to me that there are better and more deserving recipients of all this nutrition than idols made of clay and stone. Such as the millions of street children in this country. Meanwhile, idols all over are being ‘fed’ with spoons, while the majority of the milk offered drips to the floor. Also, is there a preference? Does full-fat milk work better than double-toned?
Maybe it is just the jaded side of me, but I cannot help wondering as to why the Almighty would choose to signal anything to us humans by turning a small patch of sea-water mildly less salty. Or by suddenly slurping milk out of spoons. And that too, selectively- a few people testified grumpily on national TV that the Gods had refused their offering.
Or maybe the real issue is that miracles just seem more attractive to us in these troubled times. We’re all so battered and have nowhere to go, emotionally. What better way, then, to grab on to an unusual occurrence and label it a miracle? Maybe it really gives us hope and sustenance. And maybe that is the real miracle.


Anonymous said...

Seek and you shall find,ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened.
Seem to be looking for something to give you that hope maybe in miracle....well that miracle has already happened 2000 years ago.
Keep seeking you will find it.

indianadoc said...

It is often this hope of a miracle that keeps many a life ticking...the myriad frustration,the unending misery and pain....anybody would have at least thought of giving up at least for a while if it had not been for the hope of these we need them...rational or irrational....

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