Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mothers and bangles

Watching the news these days is fraught with unintentional entertainment. About a week ago, there was a fracas in Parliament owing to one esteemed member verbally abusing another esteemed member by saying something derogatory about the second member’s mother. It escalated into microphone throwing, shoving, and more yelling. Some parliamentarians were even carried off on strechers, no doubt with bloody noses having received a well-thrown microphone or two.
The inimitable Laloo, when asked to throw light on the goings-on, pronounced somberly, “We are not here to listen to abuses of our Mothers. We are also not here to wear bangles on our hands and sit.” (My translation of his chaste Hindi. By the mothers-and-bangles comment, he inadvertently highlighted the curious dichotomy in the way women are linguistically represented in Hindi, but that’s another matter.)
As a colleague of mine, discussing the matter at some length the morning following the fisticuffs, said exasperatedly, “Waste fellows!
And that’s about as succinct as it can it get.

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