Sunday, September 03, 2006

The value of endorsement

It is a fine testament to the charm of John Abraham and the bikes he endorses. One evening, whilst the parents and I were watching TV in a pleasant torpor, he appeared on the screen. His teeth gleamed and his hair shone. He earnestly said nice things about his bike, and then he was gone.
It was one of those very rare occasions when the Mater had the TV remote in her hands. She now pronounced, with touching conviction and in her musical Malayalam, “If this boy asks me, I will certainly sit on the bike and go for a ride.”
Now this statement, to be recognized for its true significance, must be considered in light of the fact that the last time my mother sat on the back of a two-wheeled vehicle, Nehru and Gandhi were still alive.
However, the father took a dim view of this girlish confession. “Ptchhgh” he went from behind the newspaper. (If the remote is not within his control, he watches TV from behind a newspaper.) Also in chaste Malayalam, he gruffed, “Fat chance! That boy giving you a lift.”
Regardless of this unkind lack of faith, I still think Abraham and his bike bosses should sit up and take notice. He is certainly an effective ambassador- there can be no better endorsement than the above noted discussion.

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Anonymous said...

now that's a funny post. Laughed my herat out. Danke'

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