Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The dog star

So today Tango and I went walking in the neighborhood adjoining ours. As soon as stepped out of the gate, the bunch of construction workers walking by scurried over to the other side. One of them adjusted his helmet, and another readjusted his belongings into a shield across his chest. Tango, however, had found something interesting on the ground, and owing to having his head buried in six inches of grass, didn’t respond to this group.
Then we came upon the evening cricket match, being played by a total of three players. The bowler was preparing to spit on the ball and no doubt, deliver a fearsome one to the tensed batsman. Then we hove into sight: Tango sniffing at the ground, I hanging onto his bright blue leash while he amiably pulled me along. The batsman fidgeted. The fielder edged into the wall bordering the New Friends Provision Store. The bowler, heroically nonchalant, asked his friends if this here dog was a Doberman. “Nahi” squeaked the fielder as we swept past, “THAT’S a German Shepherd.”
Next was a toddler in a pram who mewled pitifully to her mother as soon as she saw us. “Nahi beta” the mother cooed. “He’s on the other side of the road.” Waves of shock and awe were spreading fast. Folks peered over their walls and balconies. One young woman who looked like a bored new bride looked over rather hopefully as we walked past; maybe this was the most interesting point of her day.
The object of the attention, however, remained as blissfully heedless as ever. As soon as we got back in our yard, Tango nuzzled my knee and went back to his favorite pastime: looking for butterflies to chase.

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