Friday, March 23, 2007

The great divide

Ah, the pleasure of having a cup of hot adrak chai! Even when temperatures are frighteningly hot as they are today, a cup of chai is still a stimulant. However, the father disagrees. He belongs to that school of chai-drinkers who must have it brewed to perfection, for x number of minutes, at y temperature, and poured at such and such angle, and the cup held in a certain manner, etc. etc.
OK, so maybe some of that was an exaggeration. But still, sighting me slurping a cup of what he terms "lowbrow" tea is enough to start him lamenting the fact that I must have been exchanged at the hospital for another baby, because what baby with his genes would fancy lowbrow tea?
Imagine his chagrin when the older sister loudly proclaimed her love for the same revolting brew! That leaves him with only one child who still drinks the propah tea. However, unbeknownst to him, this very child has quietly defected to the other side and can be seen brewing lowbrow tea with gusto every morning.Shh, no one tell him.

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