Monday, March 12, 2007

What did you do at work today?

In a fit of inspiration, I decided to substitute the word “goal” with the word “goat.” Much hilarity ensued, including searching questions like how to decide if a particular goat had been successfully met. One response: “A fond nuzzle”. That sounds like a good title for a novel. A Fond Nuzzle. Ha.
In other news, Kurkure has a new flavor: tamarind. As though the others weren’t addictive enough. Although, by a cruel twist of geography, the cafeteria is located upstairs and every time I buy one of the packs and try to come back to my desk downstairs, I must face that dreadful scourge of the times: the Security Guard. It’s against policy and all you know, to have eatable stuff at your desk, you miserable cretin. But this is nimbly sidestepped by shoving the pack into the hands of our resident firangi colleague: naturally, no questions are asked, and the Kurkure make it to my desk in all their crackly splendor.

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