Monday, May 07, 2007

Off with his head!

Owing to nasty bout of insomnia one did not get the requisite 8 hours. Thus it happened that there was a daisy-fresh and enthusiastic phone conversation with someone at the other end of the world. It was the first time we were talking, and I doubt that they knew it was 1 A.M. in this neck of the woods. With me sounding bright and chirpy-like, doubtless they thought it was a perfectly reasonable daylight hour.
Alas, today I pay the price. Nothing pleases me, my beloved online radio included. While I am well-equipped to appreciate the musical genius and lyrical excellence of works like “Da Cops” and “Can U Werk Witdat” I would rather NOT listen to them today. (Incidentally, the 'Clean' versions of these pieces would still make my mother's ears curl.) Yet that is all my long-suffering ears have been subjected to, since I turned the thing on. Gah. Now to take the trouble of actually changing stations.

1 comment:

Vinesh said...

oh and did you have your oh-no-no the same morning?

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