Friday, May 04, 2007

Travel type stuff

By way of travel, went on a trip to Kerala last weekend. First for a Mallu wedding. Now these weddings are so short that you have a high likelihood of missing the entire thing if you stroll in at a leisurely pace.

This is exactly what happened to our party. The girl and the boy were well and truly married, under the blinding yellow lights and the hanging strands of marigolds. We then stood under these same lights and marigolds to be photographed with the two poor, dazed sods; I spoke expertly out the side of my mouth to ask the bride in my rudimentary Malayalam how she was coping with it all. She flashed back an equally expert reply. In none of the photographs has this blasphemous conversation been captured. We look perfectly respectable, teeth showing in lady- like smiles.

The journey to Calicut was in a rented taxi, one of those biggish ugly cars favored by BPOs as pickup vehicles. Anyway, we passed through some jungle-type terrain, gloriously dark and mysterious. At about 4 am or some such hour, we stopped at a check-post that appeared to have a tea stall. The poor chap there had run out of milk though, so none of us got any tea. Back on the road, and a short time later, I opened my eyes to a whole field of mountain peaks covered in mist: the famed hills and valleys of Waynad. It was glorious.

Everyone got out and the photographers were busy at work. I touched one very expensive camera and posed gingerly for one picture because there was a group of very busy monkeys headed straight towards us. They passed us by, though; we apparently just weren’t that interesting.

The second part of the trip consisted of crashing at the grandmother’s house in Cochin. I slept a lot. Whenever I woke up (at a scandalously late hour) the cook had coffee for me. Otherwise she cooked splendid meals. My grandmother took me shopping. I read. That is the life, eh?

Now I am back to home turf. Chomping at the bit to make another, longer trip. Where, I know not. After my visa for foreign shores was so rudely turned down, I will stick to native ground.


Vinesh said...

east or west..
native place is best..
(say the natives)

how did your grandmother let a young marriageable girl like you sleep till a scandalous hour in the morning?

devikamenon said...

Har de har. Maybe because she has wised up to two facts: this particular grandchild is not that young; and definitely not marriageable. Lol.

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