Sunday, May 20, 2007


I must confess that I have been watching American Idol pretty steadily throughout the season. Now we are down to the finale; my favorite, Melinda, has been booted out and so I have very little interest. OversmileyChick and NonentityBoy don't quite grab my attention, though I can say with some surety that Oversmileychick will win.
The other reality show I like is the Apprentice. The Donald, with his pink ties and his much-discussed bad hair, is quite a likeable megalomaniac at the end of the day.
Of course there seems to be a reality show for everything now. Chefs, models, bikers, tatoo-artists, everyone. There was even one show on who is the more annoying member of a given couple. Eh?
A friend and I were discussing ideas for another such show, and we came up with one. It will feature another friend of ours, known for his love of the bottle. We will have this friend tottering about in various international locales, and the show will comprise events leading to him ending up three sheets to the wind. The twist would be that the locations would be out of the way, slightly weird places instead of the usual run of the mill cities that everyone's done to death. Yes. Ougadougou, anyone? And the name of the show? "WASTED." Imagine the girl from the T&L channel, in that sing-song tone of hers: "You're Watching.....WAS-ted." Quite a nice ring it has.
Then we discovered that there was some such thing already on, on some channel, called Three Sheets. Damn.

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