Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm moving to Italy

So, get this. Senators in Italy want ice-cream in their cafeteria, in order to improve the quality of life in the Senate. According to a letter they wrote to the building administrators, serving gelato can be considered as serving the needs of people’s daily lives. I like the way these guys think. And that does sound like something you can’t argue with. Fundamentally, gelato can be considered as life-improving. It seems, then, natural that Senators would want to have it in their cafeteria. Please, no one tell our desi parliamentarians about this. They might start agitating for phirni and such-like. Many microphones would be thrown in their struggles.
Speaking of cafeterias, one co-worker asked me the other day what the most loosely-used word in our own cafeteria was. Instinctively, I replied, steel ladle clanging with steel plate while I served myself, “food?” After a short, bitter laugh, he said “Biryani.” Any rice that is non-white is thus classified, while plain rice is termed “White Rice.” Maybe we should campaign for gelato. I can just see the repercussions. Everyone would beat me to death. Their argument would be: We want food first, then gelato!

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