Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latin, schmatin

Someone used the phrase “ipso facto” the other day in a conversation. I was struck, as I always am, by how appropriate these words would be if used to name a pair of pet goats. Of course, I wasn’t really clear on the meaning, either. These Latin terms tend to throw me on many occasions. I still have to hunt for the meaning of ‘carpe diem’ in the dim recesses of my brain. I barely know what ‘bona fide’ means. In situ? Search me. No wonder I think lovingly of Ipso and Facto, contentedly grazing in the meadow while I make cheese in my alpine cottage. Res ipse locquitor.

1 comment:

Serendipity said...

Hey i know Carpe Diem. I also know Gluteus Maximus. I am learned!

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