Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A new kind of rehab

It is confirmed. What I had been suspecting and was a lurking fear is now a full-blown fact. Today, Yahoo had on its main page an article devoted to a Web site about lip-balm addiction.
I should have paid attention when my sister rolled her eyes every time I pulled out my tube of life-saving mentholated balm. Of course, it claims to be all-natural and has the wonderful effect of surrounding me with the smell of pure peppermint. (In fact, sometimes when I use it my neighbor asks me if I’ve been slyly popping mints.) Its cheery yellow tube and unassuming name give no clue of the sinister addiction it actually fosters. I am also a purist. I tried out a honey variant of the usual peppermint one, recoiled in horror and immediately decided to stick with the original.
I am doomed. I have no desire to “go cold turkey” as this Web site urges. Why? Why should I deny myself this? And besides, I don’t really have a problem. Not to mention, I have supplies to last until at least mid-2009. Of course I have an obligation to use these up.

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