Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mc veggies

On the way to work we pass this huge wholesale vegetable market. The bus lumbers past piles of crisp green chilies, sunlit lemons and grumpy pumpkins. Women lop the stalks off fat cauliflowers; mounds of ginger, still encrusted with earth, lie about next to layers of potatoes and onions. Then come the flower stalls, creamy heaps of jasmine and other unknown exotics in luscious colors strung up in garlands. Lastly, fish, and, oddly enough, textiles.
“Garbage Free Zone” says a signboard fondly, tacked onto a tree. This is next to the heap of discarded veggie remains where dog and cow scrabble happily, cheek to jowl. Everyone is hollering. The bus squashes an odd radish or carrot or two. The air smells like fresh coriander and earth. There is so much life, it is almost hard to take that early in the morning.
Then one day, right next to this cosmos, a mall opens up. It promises fresh veggies and other sundries, and Mc Donalds and lots of other stores.

The wonderful world of firewalls

Since blogger is allowed this week, you would surmise then that online music would be blocked, and you would be correct. Just after re-discovering Pandora which would obligingly play me DMB and Juanes all day, I must now resort to sneaking in CDs. This is not altogether bad, but I still can’t help being miffed at this either/or situation we have going on here.
We bad children need to be rapped on the knuckles for wanting to have the abilityto blog and listen to online radio! What will we demand next?
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