Monday, August 06, 2007


The un-highlight of the weekend was definitely this: getting lost in Russell Market and walking around, with fast-fading hope and impending hysteria, trying to get to our destination. J, for some reason, is utterly comfortable in chaotic, crowd-filled situations. But he’s sympathetic to my plight and thankfully we got to the shop in question just before I sat down in the middle of the road and screamed.
Offsetting this regrettable episode was the world music hour that I caught last night on the radio. It happened to be Portuguese music night. I think this language was made for music; it sounds exceedingly lovely when sung. I was especially happy because I’ve recently started listening to Portuguese music from all over, and could actually identify some of the artists.
Also, caught two good movies: Life in a Metro and North Country. The appeal of the first movie was, however, considerably reduced by the frequent popping-up of a certain band to perform the soundtrack on screen, along with the characters. At times it seemed like this band was creepily stalking the characters. Anyway, North Country had no such diversions. Just the doll-like Charlize Theron and a superb cast in a very well written and directed movie.
All in all, equal parts stimulation and relaxation over the weekend. Quite nice.
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