Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Misses and hits

A few thoughts on Oscar fashion. First, can someone explain why Tilda Swinton appeared in public with one arm ripped off her gown? Did she have a run-in with her cat, who after attacking her sleeve, then proceeded to claw at her hair for good measure? Then there was Best Actress Marion Cotillard, who was swathed in a scaly dress that made me wonder if it smelled like fish too. This dress was, inexplicably, loved by many fashion critics. As for me, all I can say is, slap her, she's French.
Red was quite the hot trend this time: Anne Hathaway chose a rose-encrusted disaster of a gown that had too much fabric in front, Heidi Klum in a hilarious shawl-collared creation and plug-ugly bun on her head, and of course, wearing the dress of the evening, Katherine Heigl. Please, oh please, what possessed this pretty girl to slather on carrot-hued makeup with a heavy-duty trowel? Her dress was va-va-voom and she certainly wore the hell out of it. But one look at her clown-inspired visage and the dress just faded out of one's sight.
However, Hilary Swank in black, Jessica Alba glowing in rich purple, and Cameron Diaz in blush pink redeemed the evening. Diaz was panned for her hairstyle, but come on. The girl is a surfer, let's cut her some slack. And last and best, Javier Bardem in his stylish duds, who tops my newly published list of male hotties. His nose!
That is all.

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