Friday, March 07, 2008


Somewhere around 37,000 feet and jagged, blurry sleep-wakefulness, I realized that we were flying over Montana. The land was vast, barren and snow-covered.
I thought about Bangalore and its chaos. Its rowdy universe, even when viewed from the sky.
Back at my seat, the set of jolly Norwegians I was trapped with was asleep. I can never sleep on a plane. But this time I slept through most of Europe.
London did not thrill me.
I hope L.A. will.

Monday, March 03, 2008

The art of the random

Two notes. One: I am really bored with the sledging episodes between us and the Aussies. I cannot decide which side is worse, and now after the umpteenth 'controversy' accusing Bhajji of making 'monkey-like' gestures, I have lost what little interest this sport had. Now, they are all just a bunch of sweaty boys.
The other note: What happened to Prince Harry? After having ignored him for all of his 23 years because he had red hair and too-big ears, I suddenly find that he has bloomed! So much so that he may even provide serious competition to his brother, the toothsome Will. A tour of duty in brutal Afghanistan did the trick, it appears. Well!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friendly Street

My street has always had a flourishing dog-life. Leela, squat and black-and-white, sits outside my gate and thumps her tail when she sees me walking down. Fogey has melty brown eyes and doesn't really do anything, hence the name. Then there are the other girls, T-Bone and Chilli, who are occasional visitors. The two of them are actually Leela's sisters, so Leela is also known as Left Eye.
Then there was tiny lop-eared Seesaw, who unfortunately disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. His favorite pastime was playing with a piece of string and sinking his teeth into any available human leg/shoe.
I will miss them all. Sigh. The one thing about packing and leaving for a trip to forrin is that I cannot pack the dogs.
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