Sunday, March 02, 2008

Friendly Street

My street has always had a flourishing dog-life. Leela, squat and black-and-white, sits outside my gate and thumps her tail when she sees me walking down. Fogey has melty brown eyes and doesn't really do anything, hence the name. Then there are the other girls, T-Bone and Chilli, who are occasional visitors. The two of them are actually Leela's sisters, so Leela is also known as Left Eye.
Then there was tiny lop-eared Seesaw, who unfortunately disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared. His favorite pastime was playing with a piece of string and sinking his teeth into any available human leg/shoe.
I will miss them all. Sigh. The one thing about packing and leaving for a trip to forrin is that I cannot pack the dogs.

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