Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Art and all that

The weekend was spent lolling on the fabulous grounds of the Getty Museum. Yes, this great repository of art was given a tour and then the grand gardens and lawns beckoned...I can only appreciate art for five minutes at a time, anyway. Although, there were some truly great pieces that I immediately wanted the reproductions of so I could hang them on the walls of my imaginary home. With great relish, I bought a small-scale version of a grand Venetian canal scene by one Bolletto. I also coveted a spectacular charcoal sketch by an Italian artist named Tiepolo, but couldn't find it. Oh, well.
Then there was Georges Seurat. His technique of creating pictures out of pencil dots is fascinating, and my painterly sister will soon have in her mailbox a postcard I bought of this very artist's work. But the museum grounds turned out to be the real gem; sweeping views of 10-lane traffic, the hills, the breath-taking flowers and the shady nooks and dells with their artistic waterfalls. I spotted two little Brit kids who were disproportionately delighted upon sighting one such cascade, and started yelling, "wa-tter! wa-tter!" at the tops of their lungs, whereupon their very proper mother scolded gently, "now, no shout-ting!" It was comical.
If I visit the Getty again, I suspect that the pattern will be very much the same. A little bit of art, and a whole lot of lolling.

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