Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ask and you shall get...

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Chopsticks confound me. It's not that I've never tried to master the art of using them- it's just that I fail.
Not even the famous sneer of the waitress in that Japanese place where I asked for a fork--"forkkk?" has pushed me to the point where I strain mightily and finally learn.
Besides, I always reason that the food would take way too long to finish if I ended up using chopsticks. Uh huh.
Like today- the bowl of cold noodles topped with crunchy greens and spicy pork and wasabi and slivers of silvery cucumber- come on! I was overcome, again.
Yes, I asked for the fork again. And this time the waitress didn't sneer. She smiled and clinked the fork down without so much as an eye-brow raise. And so I shall continue speaking up for my rights even in the face of those two little spindly sticks everyone else knows how to eat with.
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Friend said...

You despicable little fork-user, you! I summon Phil, the prince of insufficient light, to darn you to heck!

Serendipity said...

It's all about tools as an extension of yourself; sort of like edward with scissorhands.

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